What’s this?

Speechy provides an easy interface for paid Text-to-Speech (TTS) APIs. Select text and click Speechy from the context menu. That’s it. Your browser reads the text aloud with a high-quality voice compared to your OS’s default TTS engine or free online APIs.


Paid API?

You will find many other chrome extensions that use free TTS APIs or OS’s default TTS engine. Voices generated by these engines are low quality and not comfortable to hear. In contrast, paid APIs generate reasonable voice. Especially, Google’s Cloud Text-to-Speech API can generate unbelievably high-quality voice with cutting-edge Wavenet technology. The author wanted to use this API in Chrome with easy interface. So this extension was made. If you don’t want to pay for TTS engine, this extension is not for you. However, these APIs won’t cost you so much. For example, Google’s Cloud Text-to-Speech API costs you $16.00 USD / 1 million characters after a 1 million character free tier. So, the author is happy if you give it a try!

Help and Setup

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Please watch for your API key security!